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2023-01-14 0 comments

Meals are prepared using only local organic produce – much of it grown in the Hotel’s own gardens. The fish, meat and poultry are fresh from local fields or caught the same day. Every morning you will have fresh organic egg from hotel own hen.

To sample the rich local organic farming, all our guests have to do is take a seat in our restaurant and relax while our small but well equipped kitchen serves them traditional Turkish cuisine. Particularly good is the very rich, traditional Turkish breakfast made from the products of the village and which varies from region to region.

There is honey straight from the village beekeepers, home-made marmalade, all kinds of fresh, seasonal fruit juices and baskets of produce that the village is best known for, including olives, grapes, dried summer fruits, apricots, figs and, of course, Kirazli - cherries. In the summer time our guests can enjoy their breakfast in the hotels natural gardens, in the privacy of their spacious rooms or on the terrace overlooking the sweeping vistas.

In winter time guests have the option of taking breakfast or dinner in front of the hotel grand open fire where they can escape the frosty day and maybe warm up with a glass of splendid local wine or beer

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